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About Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the heart shaped land that lies in the heart of southeast Europe. It is here that eastern and western civilizations met, sometimes clashed, but more often enriched and reinforced each other throughout its long and fascinating history.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a long name for a country that measures just over 50,000 km2. Bosnia covers the north and centre of the country with its name probably derived from ‘bosana’, an old Indo-European word meaning water, which Bosnia has no short of.

The culture and people

Bosnia is located in the heart of Europe and for thousands of years was at the crossroads of many civilizations and cultures. Each left their mark behind – and this can be seen in the language, customs, religions and culture. Enjoy Turkish coffee or kebabs. Admire the Austro Hungarian architecture. Stroll in a street with a mosque, church and synagogue side by side.

The Bosnian people are friendly and welcoming. Their famous tolerance is shown by the different communities and religions living together for centuries. Here a man’s wealth is based on his friendships – so don’t be surprised if a stranger invites you to his house for coffee or when a host treats you like a long lost relative.

The natural environment

Bosnia is a land of great beauty-one of the last unspoilt wildernesses in Europe. This fact alone is reason enough to visit the country.  Come here to get away from it all and just relax. The stunning mountain landscapes, forests, rivers and lakes will be a welcome escape! From Bosnia’s many rivers and fertile land comes its wonderful food. Everything is natural and organic.  After tasting the local meat, fruits, cheeses and honey, you will understand the difference.

Food in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina truly enjoy the tasty and healthy food and drink. Traditional food is often prepared with meat, and meals are plentiful and delicious. The meat is of extraordinary quality, often organic, and well prepared. Meat is the ingredient of some of the most popular Bosnian dishes such as bosanski lonac, ćevapi, begova čorba, burek, and grah.

Fast-food, except ćevapi and pita, includes other quickly prepared meals common in other parts of Europe as well: pizza, hamburger, hot-dog, kebab etc. Various types of sandwiches and pastries can be found in bakeries which are located throughout the cities and offer fresh salty and sweet rolls.  The most popular soup in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Begova čorba – Bey’s soup. Tarhana soup is also homemade dish of Turkish origin that is still cooked across the country. “Tarhana çorbasi” is the original name of this dish. It is sour dehydrated homemade dough that is cooked in the tomato soup.
Salads are usually seasonal. In restaurants you can also order so called winter salads like ajvar, pinđur, as well as pickled vegetables. Along the roads you will often see restaurants offering lamb on the spit. That is a specialty and a treat for meat lovers. It is sold per kilo and usually is served with roasted potatoes and season salad.

Water in Bosna and Herzegovina

Water in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of exceptional quality. Almost all cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have at least one public fountain, which is often located in front or near the mosque. You will also often find the fountains along the roads that were used by passengers in the past. In mountains you will find streams and springs – common source of drinking water. In Bosnia and Herzegovina water does not pose a problem and there is no need to buy water in bottles because the tap water is of outstanding quality. Bottled water in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of very good quality as evidenced by numerous regional and international awards for quality.

During our tours  you will meet friendly and welcoming Bosnians, enjoy in beautiful nature, eat tasty food,  admire the Austro-Hungarian architecture and oriental Ottoman architecture, and stroll in a street with a mosque, church and synagogue side by side. Come and enjoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina… ?